Female Chauvinist Pigs

female chauvinist pigs


After watching those few videos of Ariel Levy, I thought she was amazing for voicing her own opinion of women on spring break and strippers. I am partially in agreement with her because I think that Girls Gone Wild is disgusting and should not be promoted whatsoever. Like always, some women go on this show just to please men. It’s a man’s show and other men love it so women assume that they should act a certain way just to make them happy or gain their attention. There are a million other ways to gain a man’s attention though and women can do it with their clothes on. As for strippers, I personally do not agree with it because I think using a woman’s body for a man’s fantasy is wrong but I believe that most women do not want to be up there and they might only do it for the money. I am sure that most of them do not even like their job. Therefore, I wouldn’t judge a stripper because I do not understand her situation or why she decided to work at that job.

My vision of healthy and unhealthy sex culture merges with Levi because she believes that a woman can be just as sexy if she is fully clothed and she is smart, intelligent, and funny. She also believes that a woman who fakes lust is not as desirable as a woman who is actually in lust. I completely agree with Levi because men do not have to fake lust like women have to which is unfair. Why should women be fake to appease an man’s fantasy? She should just be herself and that should be attractive enough.


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