Wow… just wow. What an idiot. Yes, I know I should never make fun of someone but how disturbing. If a man says to a woman, “Imagine if you were raped by five guys!” I would most likely throw a temper tantrum at him. Besides the fact that before the crude comment,  the woman said something to the comedian’s previous jokes on rape being “funny,” he insults her more by wishing rape upon her. The amount of psychologic trauma that women go through after they are raped is astounding and how can a women trust anyone after being violated like that? Its disgusting and degrading to say the least and women need to stand up against it! I applaud the woman who went with her gut to speak out again that man who thought his jokes were “humorous.”

The comedian really had no other jokes to say besides trying to make a serious action laughable. Should everyone just join in and laugh at a women being taken advantage of? If we did, people would think that rape is somehow okay to happen and that is sick. If we started laughing at the victims of this horrible crime, what would that say about society? We might as well say, “Yeah, go ahead! Strip a young women of her rights and her courage and strength and just take advantage!” Society cannot teach people that it is okay to take away someone’s right to say “no” or their free will.

This joke could say something serious about that comedian. Did he take away someone’s free will in this way? He is willing to joke so harshly about it so people could assume that maybe he took advantage of someone, so to make himself feel better, he decides to joke about it. Society, as a whole, should not allow anyone to get away with this repulsive crime and joking about it would be the same thing was allowing it.


The story about the comedian joking about rape can be found on this website below:


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