Domestic Violence Part 2



Domestic violence is definitely an issue that women face today. It happens all the time but not only to women, it also happens to men too. As feminists, we always stand up for gender equality so that means we should also stand up for men. Women can get nasty just like men but we do not have the physical strength to do much damage. I believe that by using your hands to prove a point in a violent way is disgusting. It means that you couldn’t be smart enough to use your mouth to communicate rather then beat your way to the point. It is still an issue because people are losing sight of communication. We use social media to communicate and its not teaching people good communication skills so things could get mixed up and then a fight could happen out of a misunderstanding. In the past, it was a lot worse because women were not treated equally and they still aren’t but I think it has been stressed a lot more that it is wrong but it most definitely still happens. I think this is a global issue because race has nothing to do with someone losing control and using their hands. People all around the world think its okay to hurt someone else, but it’s not so, all cultures struggle with this problem.


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