Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton is a very influential female political leader in the United States. Her husband was the president of the United States, and that threw her into the political world. She was later a Senator of New York. During her husband’s presidency, she pushed him to conquer two terms as a president, but she had a dream. She wanted to eventually become the first president of the United States. She is a feminist and a role model for women. One huge change she would like to accomplish is women and labor, and her platform has enabled her to make this change because her role as a feminist will change the social and economic issues. Without her political positions, I do not think she could have gotten so far because with all political power, she can genuinely make a difference. This leader matters because she is an active feminist who believes that women should have a loud voice, and she hopes to be that first voice to give women the confidence to speak out.

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