Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton is a very influential female political leader in the United States. Her husband was the president of the United States, and that threw her into the political world. She was later a Senator of New York. During her husband’s presidency, she pushed him to conquer two terms as a president, but she had a dream. She wanted to eventually become the first president of the United States. She is a feminist and a role model for women. One huge change she would like to accomplish is women and labor, and her platform has enabled her to make this change because her role as a feminist will change the social and economic issues. Without her political positions, I do not think she could have gotten so far because with all political power, she can genuinely make a difference. This leader matters because she is an active feminist who believes that women should have a loud voice, and she hopes to be that first voice to give women the confidence to speak out.

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This is a positive view of mothers because it shows that by keeping children close to their mothers when they are young, they will be the most independent compared to other children who were brought up a different way. Women are shown that they are needed to produce good, compassionate kids. Dr. Sears sounds like a feminist because he says that a mother’s instinct to keep their child close ultimately benefits the child in the end because Dr. Sears says that he has never seen a child with attached parenting be a bully. This is because of a woman’s instinct so he could be saying that women are doing something good. Dr. Sears wrote a blog explaining that the cover of Times Magazine shows what breasts are really for, not for beer or car commercials. He is sticking up for women by saying this too. I think that being a attached mother is good, but they do contradict themselves too because they are ultimately saying that women should not work and just devote all of their time to their child. There would be no time for work. Dr. Sears says that there is no time for work if a mother is raising a child. If a mother does work, then it is implied that a good child will not be raised well, which is a false claim about motherhood.

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… Periods?!



Periods… girls are told that is it the start of womanhood but bleeding for five days does not sound like the “grown-up” world that girls fantasize about. First, i think that anything that bleeds for five days and does not die, should not be trusted. I mean no offense women, partly because I am one, but it’s just plain weird. HOW DO WE NOT DIE? On top of the bleeding, you feel like someone runs over your stomach repeatedly with a bulldozer but we call them cramps. Other symptoms include: nausea, throwing up, muscle aches, headaches, and emotional distress. This is all so we can lose one egg and then four weeks later, we repeat the process all over again. My experience is not one of my best moments. I was a senior in High School and i had my period. I had really bad cramps and i was in the bathroom, skipping class, because i could not lift my head and i felt like i was going to pass out. My face was deathly pale. Just your normal bad period situation. I was begging my mom to pick me up from school, but because i had many absences, she refused. I go to the attendance office and sit with my favorite woman ever. She is the vice Principal’s assistant. I am sitting there and i feel it coming… A young italian teacher walks in and talks to the assistant. I really couldn’t remember the conversation, except that the teacher had new shoes on. She was so close and it was coming fast. She steps back and i throw up… all over the floor. I have never thrown up in school before or because of my period ever so i guess it was a first for everything. My mom did end up coming to pick me up from school that day and she felt very bad for not believing that i was not feeling well. it was a little late for that, mom.

Gays Rights

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The material we discussed in class really opened my eyes to this subject because we are discriminating against people that are just like us. They walk their dogs the same way, they eat the same way, and they even pick up their mail the same way. The only thing that makes them different is who they are sexually attracted to. People are encouraged to find themselves in their world but once they do, there are limits. Thats a huge contradiction. People should be allowed to be whoever they want whenever they want with whoever they want. Why should a person who does not know a gay couple care that their state wants to legalize same sex marriage? It does not affect their daily lives so why would they bother protesting? I believe that some people just don’t want other people to be happy which is disgraceful. I believe that same sex marriage could one day be legalized globally for all citizens but it will not be easy. Just like slavery, things will still happens. Governments cannot completely control how people will act. They can only make the laws and hope for the best. The bottom line is that there will always be that one person who disagrees with the issue of slavery or same sex marriage. Therefore there will always be hate and intolerance because i believe that people are just unhappy and they have to put other downs to feel better. Its an imperfect world filled with love and bullies.

Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is a huge problem globally and I believe that there is nothing the government can really do to solve it. How can the government find every single type of brothel house? What if the person selling themselves sexually is doing it for only one person or they have a list of clients? One can never really stop this because they will cannot ever find the source. This is similar to street harassment because we can make organizations or global alliances but there is still the small possibility that the problem will still occur. Preventing human trafficking can be done by helping women not subscribe to the comfort of others or their money. Girls need to have a stable, healthy home with lots of love and comfort, when they grow older, they do not look for that in all the wrong places. Women could be selling themselves because that is the only way they know how to be comforted because there home life could have been bad or some other reason. If the women that sell themselves are repeatedly raped when they were younger, they could also believe that sex is only used for comfort.

Domestic Violence Part 2



Domestic violence is definitely an issue that women face today. It happens all the time but not only to women, it also happens to men too. As feminists, we always stand up for gender equality so that means we should also stand up for men. Women can get nasty just like men but we do not have the physical strength to do much damage. I believe that by using your hands to prove a point in a violent way is disgusting. It means that you couldn’t be smart enough to use your mouth to communicate rather then beat your way to the point. It is still an issue because people are losing sight of communication. We use social media to communicate and its not teaching people good communication skills so things could get mixed up and then a fight could happen out of a misunderstanding. In the past, it was a lot worse because women were not treated equally and they still aren’t but I think it has been stressed a lot more that it is wrong but it most definitely still happens. I think this is a global issue because race has nothing to do with someone losing control and using their hands. People all around the world think its okay to hurt someone else, but it’s not so, all cultures struggle with this problem.

Domestic Violence Part 1


I do not have a concrete perspective on the case of Chris Brown and Rihanna. I believe that what happened was wrong and at the time, I completely blamed Chris Brown. They were the cutest couple then and I really do not think anyone expected a violence issue to happen. Today, I don’t blame Chris Brown because I blame both of them. Rihanna has a vulgar mouth and everyo her?” ne knows she is a strong women. I do not know what happened in that car and I hate to make assumptions but I believe that maybe they fought and things escalated. Rihanna could have hit him or something of that sort and he lost it. There is no excuse for what he did and i believe he deserved more punishment for it but  I can not exactly blame him for the entire thing without knowing the whole story. I feel sympathy for Rihanna. She was broken but because she is so strong, she managed to pull herself together and move on. When she went back to him, I was very annoyed with her. I just can not understand why a person would go back to their partner who broke them. I actually felt bad for Chris Brown because of all the hate that he went through but i guess it was deserved. Something i wish i could say to Chris Brown and Rihanna was what actually happened? What was the argument about? I’d want to ask Chris Brown, “what made him snap and just beat the crap out of