Gays Rights

*Jan 07 - 00:05*23_NE Consortium

The material we discussed in class really opened my eyes to this subject because we are discriminating against people that are just like us. They walk their dogs the same way, they eat the same way, and they even pick up their mail the same way. The only thing that makes them different is who they are sexually attracted to. People are encouraged to find themselves in their world but once they do, there are limits. Thats a huge contradiction. People should be allowed to be whoever they want whenever they want with whoever they want. Why should a person who does not know a gay couple care that their state wants to legalize same sex marriage? It does not affect their daily lives so why would they bother protesting? I believe that some people just don’t want other people to be happy which is disgraceful. I believe that same sex marriage could one day be legalized globally for all citizens but it will not be easy. Just like slavery, things will still happens. Governments cannot completely control how people will act. They can only make the laws and hope for the best. The bottom line is that there will always be that one person who disagrees with the issue of slavery or same sex marriage. Therefore there will always be hate and intolerance because i believe that people are just unhappy and they have to put other downs to feel better. Its an imperfect world filled with love and bullies.