Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is a huge problem globally and I believe that there is nothing the government can really do to solve it. How can the government find every single type of brothel house? What if the person selling themselves sexually is doing it for only one person or they have a list of clients? One can never really stop this because they will cannot ever find the source. This is similar to street harassment because we can make organizations or global alliances but there is still the small possibility that the problem will still occur. Preventing human trafficking can be done by helping women not subscribe to the comfort of others or their money. Girls need to have a stable, healthy home with lots of love and comfort, when they grow older, they do not look for that in all the wrong places. Women could be selling themselves because that is the only way they know how to be comforted because there home life could have been bad or some other reason. If the women that sell themselves are repeatedly raped when they were younger, they could also believe that sex is only used for comfort.