This is a positive view of mothers because it shows that by keeping children close to their mothers when they are young, they will be the most independent compared to other children who were brought up a different way. Women are shown that they are needed to produce good, compassionate kids. Dr. Sears sounds like a feminist because he says that a mother’s instinct to keep their child close ultimately benefits the child in the end because Dr. Sears says that he has never seen a child with attached parenting be a bully. This is because of a woman’s instinct so he could be saying that women are doing something good. Dr. Sears wrote a blog explaining that the cover of Times Magazine shows what breasts are really for, not for beer or car commercials. He is sticking up for women by saying this too. I think that being a attached mother is good, but they do contradict themselves too because they are ultimately saying that women should not work and just devote all of their time to their child. There would be no time for work. Dr. Sears says that there is no time for work if a mother is raising a child. If a mother does work, then it is implied that a good child will not be raised well, which is a false claim about motherhood.

Dr. Sear’s Blog: