… Periods?!



Periods… girls are told that is it the start of womanhood but bleeding for five days does not sound like the “grown-up” world that girls fantasize about. First, i think that anything that bleeds for five days and does not die, should not be trusted. I mean no offense women, partly because I am one, but it’s just plain weird. HOW DO WE NOT DIE? On top of the bleeding, you feel like someone runs over your stomach repeatedly with a bulldozer but we call them cramps. Other symptoms include: nausea, throwing up, muscle aches, headaches, and emotional distress. This is all so we can lose one egg and then four weeks later, we repeat the process all over again. My experience is not one of my best moments. I was a senior in High School and i had my period. I had really bad cramps and i was in the bathroom, skipping class, because i could not lift my head and i felt like i was going to pass out. My face was deathly pale. Just your normal bad period situation. I was begging my mom to pick me up from school, but because i had many absences, she refused. I go to the attendance office and sit with my favorite woman ever. She is the vice Principal’s assistant. I am sitting there and i feel it coming… A young italian teacher walks in and talks to the assistant. I really couldn’t remember the conversation, except that the teacher had new shoes on. She was so close and it was coming fast. She steps back and i throw up… all over the floor. I have never thrown up in school before or because of my period ever so i guess it was a first for everything. My mom did end up coming to pick me up from school that day and she felt very bad for not believing that i was not feeling well. it was a little late for that, mom.